Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting My Family Involved

I'd love for my sons to post something here. None have shown an interest as of yet. I guess I could FORCE them, make it a requirement to pass to the next grade or something.
Andrew is just getting used to the idea of communicating on-line. Justin is becoming a bit burned out with talking via the keyboard, though he frequently does so. Cody would rather talk than type--and really, he'd rather listen than speak sometimes. All three believe the computer is a great portal to football scores and downloadable music. They love to also play strategy games such as "Age of Empires."
In addition, to a computer's virtues, our boys are also very aware of its temptations. As a result, Cody plans to forgo internet if he happens to live on his own. Justin and Andrew are just as wary. I am very grateful they're taking some responsibility . . . anyhooooooo
If there's some topic you'd like a report on from the guys, let me know. They may be more obliged than if the request is coming from Mom or Dad.
Smiles and hugs!

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Loriann said...

Hey -- just an idea, I am having the girls write a post about how they have seen God work in their lives over the past year. As well as things they have seen change in their sisters lives. After they put it on paper, they will be able to post it on the blog. I am hoping that this helps them want to write more. Also Hannah wrote a small paragraph on shells, and is going to post it soon. she is starting to want to share her thoughts with others. I love it, what a encouragement for mom. (O:
Hope that you have a blessed week.
Much love and Prayers,
Lori and girls.